Pruning Trees Is an Essential Part of Tree Care

Hire us to do your tree trimming in Dover-Foxcroft, ME

A lot can go wrong if you try to prune your trees yourself. From falling off a wobbly ladder to dropping a branch on your car, the dangers are numerous - and potentially quite serious. Luckily, we're here to help by pruning your trees for you. Arrow Tree Service is a leading provider of tree trimming services in Dover-Foxcroft, ME.

Hire us to take the stress out of tree pruning.

Get rid of dangerous limbs safely

There are a few ways to tell whether it's time to call on our tree trimming team. You should request our services to remove branches that are:

  • Dead, diseased or damaged
  • Growing too close to power lines
  • Extending over your roof or driveway
After we're done pruning your trees, we'll clean up the debris to make your yard look better than ever.

If tree limbs are posing a risk to your property, dial 207-717-8733 ASAP to schedule a branch removal appointment.